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Your currency and international payment specialist.

Send and receive money in 34+ currencies across 180+ countries

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TransFXr is an owner run business specialising in currency conversions and international payments. We work with both individuals and businesses, providing cost efficient solutions and a first class tailored service.   Our clear & transparent approach mean our clients always know what to expect. 


My name is Gillian Blore, CFA

Founder & Managing Director


Investment professional with more than 9 years of extensive FX experience, & a desire to transform the reputation of the deliverable FX industry 

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Friday 2 December

Heading into Powell’s announcement on Wednesday, participants were on the fence with interest rate hike expectations between 0.5% and 0.75%. Powell said that although they still have a long way to go to fight inflation, he sent a strong signal that they will be looking to slow the pace of rate hikes, as soon as this month, all but confirming a 0.5% rate hike for December...... Read more

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